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How to reach your destination faster with a centrifugal brake (... and decelerate completely)

You are not sure yet? Then join us on a short trip.

However, we will make a short stop. If you don't know how a centrifugal brake works, here's a brief explanation. A Centrifugal brake has guided weight elements. When the brake is set in rotation, the centrifugal weights are accelerated outwards.

As soon as the speed of the centrifugal brake is so high that the cut-in speed is reached, the braking process begins. As the speed increases, the braking force of the centrifugal brake increases - and continues to do so until a balance between speed and braking force is achieved.

Note: A centrifugal brake is a speed limiter and not a brake that can decelerate to a standstill.


Enough about the technology. Now for the fun and at the same time the vacation secret tip. If you want to embark on an exciting journey with your loved ones, soaring through the woods free as a bird in narrow and wide sweeps, a zip line or fly line is the perfect vacation fun for you. The latter is more or less the leisurely, family-friendly version of a zip line. Here, similar to a summer toboggan run, tracks are laid along a slope, which in the case of a fly line is made of tubular structures. Sleds are hooked onto these tubes, which are equipped with centrifugal brakes, so the Fly-Line allows you a safe and controlled descent.


The big difference to a zip line or summer toboggan run here is the more leisurely ride and the changed perspective, as you glide a few meters above the ground towards your destination.A great experience that will certainly totally decelerate you 😊


Have you ever made a Fly-Line descent? You can find more information at our partner https://www.fly-line.eu

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Fly-Line Catinaccio / Trient / Italien

Fly-Line Wasserfall / Südtirol / Italien

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