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Product characteristics of the centrifugal brakes

The centrifugal brake generally works like a centrifugal clutch, but with the housing secured against twisting. A centrifugal brake generally does not brake to standstill but only keeps the revolutions constant. Typical applications for centrifugal brakes are roping-down devices, cranes, lifts, safety gates, and also speed limiters.


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Areas of use for centrifugal brakes

Centrifugal brakes are often used as backup brake systems for electronic brakes. They have the advantage of braking reliably and securely, independently of any other power supply. We supply the centrifugal brake without a housing if the customer already has a brake housing, too.


types of centrifugal brakes

 we use four different types

Centrifugal brakes


Centrifugal brakes


Centrifugal brakes


Centrifugal brakes


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