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Construction machinery


Construction machinery

One main application for centrifugal clutches are hand-guided construction machines ("light equipment") for ground and asphalt compaction as well as concrete technology.
Amsbeck centrifugal clutches are installed in many devices, from tampers to reversible shaker plates.




The high amplitude and the high load cycles as they occur in the operation of tampers causes extreme load on the centrifugal clutch.


For these applications specifically, Amsbeck developed the rotary-jaw centrifugal clutch that is set up for gentler activation and calmer running. It is the most frequently used clutch in professional tampers today.


Shaker plates

When operating reversible shaker plates, both the installed centrifugal clutch and the V-belt are subject to considerable stresses from the vibrations.


The centrifugal clutch has been virtually reinvented in close cooperation with the customers, specifically for this application.
It's a centrifugal clutch that uses the principle of centrifugal twice:
•    to switch the clutch and
•    to tension the belt by centrifugal-force-actuated belt tensioning weights.

The automatic belt tensioner clutch made by AMSBECK that results from this has ensured a longer service life of the belt drive in reversible shaker plates for many years.


Typical products for application

Centrifugal clutches and centrifugal brakes for construction machinery. Feel free to discuss the technical designs with our team.


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