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A look behind the scenes - The way to be a quality manager

In March 2020, Pascal Vilaca joined our quality management team. In his first year, he already has brought positive changes to our company.

Want to learn more about Pascal and the positive changes he has gained with him?

In 2020, many people will associate with the COVID-19 virus. Many people felt the impact of the virus in their environment and their own personal and work life. Pascal Vilaca dared to take the step and decided to make a new professional start (at Amsbeck) shortly before the Corona wave hit Germany.

The young mechanical engineer was hired to support us as a measurement technician for dimensional control in our production. Shortly after he started, we went into lockdown and most of us were "forced" to work in home offices. Despite all odds and Pascal's dedication, he managed a successful start. After only a short time, he presented the first optimization possibilities and was now faced with the challenge of implementing these changes step by step.

After 1.5 years, the first successes are already visible in the following areas:

- Minimization of error and reject rates through expanded incoming goods inspections

- Improvement of outgoing goods and final inspections including the necessary test reports and certificates

- Intensification of production-accompanying component inspections through employee training

- Analysis of internal processes in the area of machining and assembling

- Optimization of quality assurance in the supply chain


In order to meet the increasing demands on quality management, Pascal Vilaca has completed further training this year to become a TÜV-certified quality manager.

Finally, Pascal's summary words about working at Amsbeck:

"I work here with colleagues who are not only growing professionally, but also personally. It is really fun to share ideas in all areas of life. Together we decide and implement improvements that are of great value to employees, customers and the company. That's why I like the field of work in quality control so much."

It's also in line with the values of our management:

"We are a familyowned company. We are very happy to support young committed people on their way and to achieve common goals. We want our employees to feel comfortable during there time here" - Susanne Weritz (Owner)

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