A-Team rocks 34th Sassenberg Triathlon

On August 7, 2022, our colleagues Thomas Leutner, Igor Visnjevski and Malte Smotzok took part in the 34th Sassenberg Triathlon in perfect weather. Equipped with team shirts, the trio started at 11:00 am in the relay competition.

How a centrifugal brake works

How a centrifugal brake works

If you want to embark on an exciting journey where you soar through the woods free as a bird in tight and wide sweeps, a zip line or fly line is the perfect vacation fun for you.

30th anniversary of the company

On Thursday, May 19, our colleague Dirk Pirtkotsch celebrated his 30th company anniversary. Dirk works for us as a cutting machine operator and is responsible, among other things, for the production of our clutch housings.

Construction diary

Today - A full 6 months after the groundbreaking ceremony, the new Amsbeck building is gradually taking shape. We are now expanding our production hall at Boschweg 15 in Everswinkel by 1250 m². With our new company building, we are setting a sign for trust and growth.

UNI Göttingen

Centrifugal brakes ensure safety in the goods transport system at the University of Göttingen. The goods transport system of the University of Göttingen supplies the entire hospital with everything that is needed, from food to medicines - within the shortest possible time. It is therefore all the more important that the eighty or so available trolleys reach their destinations safely and without delay. In the past, this was unfortunately

Ski jumping

The most interesting thing about my job at Amsbeck is getting to know different people from different cultures and of course seeing where our products are used. I like technical tasks and presenting our customers with a solution that fits their needs. One exciting application is the Ice Cutter from our long-term partner Topspeed®. What is the Ice Cutter used for?

Childhood dream

For many just a childhood dream. For Team Sommeringen, it's an everyday reality: as if there were no tomorrow, Team Sommeringen drives its laps every week on its own 25-horsepower racing tractors. Team Sommeringen is one of many clubs in Germany in which passionate hobbyists give a new vocation to a wide variety of vehicles.

Quality management

Blick hinter die Kulissen.
Im März 2020 ist Pascal Vilaca in unser Qualitätsmanagement eingestiegen. In nur einem Jahr hat er bereits etliche positive Veränderungen in unser Haus gebracht. Welche das sind, erfahren Sie hier. Haben Sie schon mal von einer Federprüfmaschine gehört?
Wir begleiten unseren Kollegen Pascal Vilaca. Er prüft eine Charge von Zugfedern auf unserer Federprüfmaschine. Wie das funktioniert, sehen Sie im Video.