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Centrifugal brake for davits
The davit is a lifting device used on sailing boats. The centrifugal brake limits the lowering speed in an emergency.
Centrifugal clutch for vibratory rammer
Centrifugal clutches for vibratory rammers are the connection between the input and output drive train. A favourable, reliable drive technology.
Chopper centrifugal clutch
A few days ago, another one of our large clutches went on its journey: clutch 0250-01143 is a single-row clutch, but ...
Our "hottest" centrifugal brake
Our "hottest" centrifugal brake gives an insight into what is possible with a centrifugal brake in addition to the classic drive technology ...
Kart racing centrifugal clutch
Today we have a small article for you about kart racing centrifugal clutch with Team Delta Racing.
Tension springs, not to be underestimated!
Even small things can be important and helpful. So we are very happy to be part of something "big" with a "small" part ...
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