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Centrifugal clutch for vibratory rammer
Fliehkraftkupplung für Vibrationsstampfer sind die Verbindung zwischen An- und Abtriebsstrang. Eine günstige, Zuverlässige Antriebstechnik.
Chopper centrifugal clutch
Vor ein paar Tagen ging wieder eine unserer großen Kupplungen auf die Reise.Die Kupplung 0250-01143 ist eine einreihige, aber …
Our "hottest" centrifugal brake
Our "hottest" centrifugal brake gives an insight into what is possible with a centrifugal brake in addition to the classic drive technology ...
Kart racing centrifugal clutch
Today we have a small article for you about kart racing centrifugal clutch with Team Delta Racing.
Tension springs, not to be underestimated!
Even small things can be important and helpful. So we are very happy to be part of something "big" with a "small" part ...
Centrifugal clutch for tough jobs
We at Amsbeck Maschinentechnik GmbH have been manufacturing centrifugal clutches and centrifugal brakes for a wide range of applications since 1982. The wood chipper is one of the toughest applications for the centrifugal clutch. Why is that? When the branches are pulled in ...
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