Centrifugal clutch

with belt tensioner

In the case of centrifugal clutches with belt output, the belts must be pre-tensioned in order to maintain the contact pressure of the belt required for power transmission. Tension pulleys are usually inserted in the centrifugal clutch for this purpose. However, the use of tension pulleys causes problems with short center distances.

The newly developed centrifugal clutch with integrated, automatically acting belt tensioner automatically compensates for changes in the length of the V-belts by increasing the diameter of the pulley. Typically, these centrifugal clutches are used in high-quality reversible vibratory plates.

Fliehkraftkupplung mit Riemenspanner Centrifugal Clutch with automatic belt tensioner
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Centrifugal clutch with belt tensioner

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Technische Zeichnung Fliehkraftkupplung mit Riemenspanner / Technical drawing Centrifugal Clutch with belt tensioner