Centrifugal clutch

with belt output

The centrifugal clutch with belt output is the most frequently used build of Amsbeck centrifugal clutches.

This type of centrifugal clutch has the pulley installed in the clutch bell already. This leads to a compact and space-saving, as well as cost-efficient, build. A centrifugal clutch with belt output can generally use any standardised belt profile and pulley diameter. The number of belt grooves can be chosen freely as well.

Of course, a centrifugal clutch with belt output can also be delivered with special belt profiles and V-rib belt profiles at the customer's request. We also offer matching counter-pulleys on request.

Fliehkraftkupplung mit Riemenabtrieb / Riemenscheibe - Centrifugal Clutch with belt pulley
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Centrifugal clutch with belt drive

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Technische Zeichnung Fliehkraftkupplung mit Riemenabtrieb / Technical drawing Centrifugal Clutch with belt drive


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