The activation or disconnection takes place via the hydraulic or pneumatic supply present in the system.

PTO clutches | Hydraulic disc clutches

3D Hydraulische Lamellenkupplung hydraluic pto clutch - lamella disc clutch

PTO clutch | Hydraulic disc clutch

Product characteristics of the PTO clutches

Developed and tested as an in-between clutch, it primarily serves as an engageable or disengageable connection between power units and working units (e. g. between gearbox and pump) or in similar installation situations. The engagement or disengagement is carried out by means of the hydraulic supply within the system and the system pressures necessary for the shifting clutch are within the range of up to 30 bar. Higher pressures are possible on request.

Torques within the range of 1 to 1500 Nm can be safe transmitted with this PTO (Power take of) clutch. In the clutch, discs designed for dry running ensure an optimal torque transmission at all times during operation. The use of special sealing materials means that the PTO system works without leakage and stands out for its small idling torque.

The torque-transmitting components of the PTO clutch (e. g. the housing and hub) are made of high-strength and tempered materials. Thanks to its compact design, the pure shifting unit can also be integrated or retrofitted into existing systems. Various executions are available to you for connecting your units. Special executions (e.g. with integrated belt output) are also possible on request.

On the back of its many years of experience as a supplier of reliable system components in the area of drive engineering, Amsbeck Maschinentechnik GmbH has extended its product range to include HZK-type hydraulically engageable PTO clutches. Contact us - we deliver the solution - competently and quickly.

Our various fields of application

The PTO clutches are used in:

  • Mobile applications
  • Agricultural and forestry machinery
  • Pressure and flushing vehicles
  • Crushing machines
  • Machine construction
  • Manufacturing plants

Would you like to check whether the PTO or hydraulic clutch principle is suitable for your application? Please feel free to contact us by phone, contact form or e-mail. Our team will be happy to coordinate the technical design with you.

An overview of our

PTO clutches

PTO clutch | Disc clutch

PTO clutch | Disc clutch

PTO clutch | Disc clutch

PTO clutch | Disc clutch

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