Solutions for drive technology

Centrifugal clutches, centrifugal brakes, gearboxes and PTO clutches

Production of components for centrifugal clutches

At Amsbeck Maschinentechnik we have been producing centrifugal clutches and centrifugal brakes since 1982.

Our product range is complemented by gearboxes, switchable multi-plate clutches, as well as a variety of customer-specific solutions in the field of drive technology.

Customized solutions include our slip-on gearboxes for combustion engines, hydraulically switchable clutches for small torques, but also combinations of centrifugal brakes with planetary gears or centrifugal clutches as an assembly with a wide variety of shaft couplings, to name just a few examples.

In the following you will find an overview of our delivery program.

Fliehkraftkupplung Aufbau und Montage Centrifugal clutch assembly

Our products

Strong clutches never slip – centrifugal force is our driving power!

Powerful brakes ensure reliability – our centrifugal for your safety!

The activation or disconnection takes place via the hydraulic or pneumatic supply present in the system.

Customer-specific solutions

We are your partner for special solutions in many areas of drive technology.