Centrifugal brake for davits

The davit is a lifting device used on sportsboats, especially sailboats. The davit can be used to lift and store inflatable boats, lifeboats, jet skis, etc. or to lower them into the water.

The davit is also a launching device for boats, especially lifeboats, of a ship. The lifeboats or life rafts are lowered through the davit for evacuation in case of danger. The centrifugal brake limits the lowering speed in an emergency so that the lifeboat does not hit the water surface unbraked. Increasingly larger ships on cruises require ever larger rescue units and deployment from higher altitudes as the ships get bigger. Amsbeck also offers solutions through the modular system centrifugal brakes with large torques, even for very high thermal loads through the use of special materials.

Conventional davits of larger ships used to consist of swiveling cranes (swiveling davits) attached to the side near the ship's side. On smaller ships, davits were also used at or projecting over the stern. The davits, which were made of wood or iron, could also be used in some cases to launch and lower heavy anchors. Nowadays, only steel davits are in use.