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compressor centrifugal clutch
The compressor centrifugal clutch is an ideal connection between the engine and compressor for your tank trailer ...
Centrifugal clutch ready for dispatch
This week, some of our larger clutches are going on their journey to their destination. The centifugal clutch type 0165-01444 is a double-width clutch ...
Transmission ready for shipment
Today some of our gearboxes start their way to their final destination. These flange-mounted gearboxes are made for direct assembly onto the engine. The flange-mounted gearboxes of the series 901 stand out for their compact and slim design.
Amsbeck Company Building Progress Inventory
Construction diary
Today - A full 6 months after the groundbreaking ceremony, the new Amsbeck building is gradually taking shape. We are now expanding our production hall at Boschweg 15 in Everswinkel by 1250 m². With our new company building, we are setting a sign for trust and growth.
Pascal Vilaca - Qualitätsmanagement
Quality management
A look behind the scenes. Pascal Vilaca joined our quality management team in March 2020. In just one year, he has already brought a number of positive changes to our organisation. You can find out what they are here. Have you ever heard of a spring testing machine? We accompany our colleague Pascal Vilaca. He is testing a batch of tension springs on our spring testing machine. You can see how it works in the video.