Development is our drive -

Centrifugal clutches for construction machinery

Made for rough applications and extreme loads.

Gets the job done -

Centrifugal clutches for gardening, landscaping, and agriculture technology

Whether wood chipper or stump grinder - Amsbeck clutches even work when it gets rough.

Stay cool

Centrifugal clutches for transport refrigeration

Fit to the connection dimensions of well-known refrigerator manufacturers.

For each application -

Centrifugal clutches for municipal technology

From leaf eaters and blowers up to sweepers - Amsbeck clutches keep things clean.

Safely to the finish line -

Centrifugal clutches and centrifugal brakes for fun sports.

Centrifugal clutches in motor sports or centrifugal brakes for ziplines or summer toboggan runs. We ensure that you reach your destination safely at the right speed.

Maximum safety –

From personal safety devices up to winches

The requirements and field of applications for Amsbeck centrifugal brakes as speed limiters are numerous. We ensure the right speed.

Welcome to AMSBECK Maschinentechnik GmbH

Our in-house development, production and sale offer short paths, quick decisions and the greatest flexibility for your tasks. We put you at the focus!

Amsbeck Maschinentechnik GmbH is a family-owned company and an internationally leading manufacturer of customised drive solutions in the area of centrifugal clutches, centrifugal brakes, shifting clutches, push-on and flange-connection gears.

In addition to the products known to us, we will gladly develop a solution customised for you in the area of drive technology.

Have a look at our products and call us!

Amsbeck Maschinentechnik Team

Experts in our field since 1982

Good reasons for AMSBECK Maschinentechnik GmbH

Many years of know-how

Highly qualified staff

Customer-oriented contacts

Most modern CNC machines

High quality standard

Certified environmental protection

An overview of our


Strong clutches never slip – centrifugal force is our driving power!

Powerful brakes ensure reliability – our centrifugal for your safety!

The activation or disconnection takes place via the hydraulic or pneumatic supply present in the system.

We are your partner for special solutions in many areas of drive technology.

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