Childhood dream

For many just a childhood dream. For the Sommeringen team, it's an everyday reality:

As if there were no tomorrow, Team Sommeringen drives its laps every week on the in-house, 25-horsepower racing tractors.

Team Sommeringen is one of many clubs in Germany in which passionate hobbyists give a new vocation to a wide variety of vehicles. This is where passion meets technical craftsmanship.

And because passion also means that nothing is left to chance, the Sommeringen team relies on AMSBECK centrifugal clutches for the installation of couplings.


Well, those are, according to the association's 1st chairman, Franz Brüning, "the most reliable and long-lasting."

We at AMSBECK are particularly pleased that our centrifugal clutches make such a significant contribution to the safety and longevity of the little speedsters. And also that they are directly related to a sport that is pursued with so much devotion.

With this in mind: Here's to many more successful rounds!

Oh, and: Where else do you think centrifugal clutches are used? Feel free to write it in the comments!