What have ski jumping

and a centrifugal clutch have in common?

Skischanze Olympia Beijing 2022

Are you curious? Then just enjoy this short introduction.

The most interesting thing about my job at Amsbeck is to meet different people from different cultures and of course to see in which our products are used. I like technical tasks and presenting our customers with a solution that fits their needs.

One exciting application is the Ice Cutter from our long-standing partner Topspeed®.

Skischanze freiräumen - IceCutter mit Fliehkraftkupplung

What is the Ice Cutter used for?

The steel blade shape of the TopSpeed® Ice Cutter carves a perfect shape of the ice within the inlet track. The shape of the blade can be tailored to each customer's needs. The quality of the Ice Cutter and the type of ice cut have a direct impact on the skier's perception of the conditions in the glide channels of the inrun track. Only cleanly cut ice can ensure that athletes can achieve high take-off speeds.

Can you imagine what the centrifugal clutch does in this application?

Find the answer in the technical details below:

  • The TopSpeed® Ice Cutter is driven by a four-stroke gasoline engine
  • The engine is equipped with an Amsbeck centrifugal clutch and drives the blades via a double V-belt
  • The centrifugal clutch prevents chattering when the engine is at a standstill and holds the blades while the engine is warming up at low speeds
  • The engine allows for speed control. The TopSpeed® ice cutter has an emergency stop switch to protect the user
  • The guide mechanism ensures that the ice is cut precisely and in a straight line, and prevents damage to the edges of the run-in lane elements

But back to the main question in the headline. What do ski jumping and a centrifugal clutch have to do with each other?

I'll keep it short... Both need high speed to perform well!

With kind regards

Axel Gläser

Fliehkraftkupplung / Centrifugal Clutch - IceCutter TopSpeed

Many thanks for the cooperation, information and joint contribution to our partner

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