Training as a product designer

"An idea becomes something real."

Malte tells our marketing department what it's like to train as a product designer.

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship as a technical product designer? Did you perhaps also want to study?

At first, I was still undecided about my career path. At the career orientation fair in Warendorf, I enquired about professions and also took a career orientation test at home. According to the results, technical professions would be the right choice for me. For me, it was always clear that I wanted to complete an apprenticeship before going to university. But a dual course of study would also have been suitable.

Did you feel confirmed by the career orientation test? The result seems to have had an influence on your career choice. 

Yes, very much. Physics and maths were always my favourite subjects. I had already applied to become an IT specialist for system integration. I then was aware that I was on the right path.

Mitarbeiterfoto Malte Smotzok

How did you find your way to Amsbeck?

Actually, I had already been accepted by another company. But my family had seen the job advertisement from Amsbeck. The technical product designer immediately appealed to me. So I immediately prepared the application and sent it off.

Thank goodness. So we have you with us. How was your interview and were you nervous?

It wasn't my first job interview, and I already had a rough idea of how things work. In my very first interview I felt a bit lost. But you get used to the interviewer and the environment after only 5 minutes. I always had respect of the interviews. You want to show the right side of yourself. But the excitement wasn't so strong that I couldn't make a sound.

How did you feel before the first day?

I was definitely excited on my first day. I could ask you the same question, haha. But good. I already knew two contacts from my current department. After all, it's a new phase of life that begins with the first day of training. Every one of us should be excited. 

How does your former school life differ from your current apprenticeship life?

There are age differences in the class. The youngest are 17 and the oldest 23. I myself am 19. Some have already completed one apprenticeship and are reorienting themselves with a second one. It's definitely a colourful mix. Apart from that, I have vocational school twice a week instead of five times as before. And the two subjects metal technology and machine technology, which are divided into different modules.

What do you enjoy most about your training? Was there a wow moment that you remember fondly?

You learn a lot. And when I can't do something yet, it's a challenge. You have to come up with solutions and that's exactly what I like. You visualise, think, draw and then the solution will be produced. An idea becomes something real. And when the first part I drew was produced, it was an incredible feeling.

Do you notice a personal change in yourself? For example, were you shy and are you more open now?

Dealing with colleagues has definitely made me more open and relaxed. Here I have more contact with adults and get new experiences. It has happened that solutions for projects had to be developed and then presented to the design department. Every time you do this, your confidence in yourself improves because you also gain the confidence of others. 

Can you imagine continuing to work in the profession you have learnt after your apprenticeship? How do you envision your future?

After my apprenticeship, I would like to start a dual study program in mechanical engineering. So it would be ideal if I could gain professional experience at Amsbeck at the same time. My opinion in meetings is already taken seriously and I get important tasks that challenge me. At a middle sized company, I can deepen my knowledge and directly see the impact of my work. After my apprenticeship, I would like to pursue my profession at Amsbeck.

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