Kart racing centrifugal clutch

Today we have a small article for you from the Delta Racing team at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. 

We were able to support the Delta Racing team with a centrifugal clutch.

The team develops an electric kart, but trains driving on a classic combustion engine.

“Team Delta Racing from the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences takes part in Formula Student, an international competition for students in the fields of technology and business. The aim is to design, design and build a single-seat prototype of a racing car within a year. In addition to technical skills, costs, marketing and project management are also evaluated. In order to improve driving performance, they use a racing kart for driver training because the testing time of the developed vehicle is limited. Driver training is particularly important because the drivers on Team Delta Racing are

Students with no previous racing experience. Amsbeck provides a driver training clutch to prepare drivers early for the race.”