How a centrifugal brake works

This is how you get to your destination faster with a centrifugal brake ... and decelerate completely at the same time

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But now to our vacation secret tip.

If you want to embark on an exciting journey where you soar through the woods free as a bird in tight and wide sweeps, a zip line or fly line is the perfect vacation fun for you.

The latter is, so to speak, the cozy, family-friendly version of a zip line. Here, tracks are laid along a slope, which in the case of a fly-line is made of tubular structures. Sleds are attached to these tubes, which are equipped with centrifugal brakes, so the fly line allows you a safe and controlled descent.

The big difference to a zip line or summer toboggan run is the more leisurely ride and the changed perspective, as you glide a few meters above the ground towards your destination. A great experience that is sure to totally decelerate you.

Have you ever done a fly-line descent?

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Fly-Line Catinaccio / Trient / Italien

Fly-Line Waterfall/ Südtirol / Italien