Tension springs, small but not to be underestimated !

Even small things can be important and helpful.

So we are very happy to be part of something "big" with a "small" share.

In order to be able to test different engagement speeds on your centrifugal clutch,

we have equipped the Schluckspecht team with springs for 5 different engagements.

Especially with new drive concepts, it makes sense to compare the theoretical design in practice,

to achieve optimal results.

Due to the design principle, replacing the springs on Amsbeck clutches is relatively easy.

The Schluckspecht team will take part in the Shell-Eco Marathon 2023 from May 20th to 25th in Nogaro, southern France.

The range of the vehicle at the Shell-Eco Marathon 2022 was 330 kilometers per one liter of diesel (2nd place).

In the future, the drive train is to be converted to an ethanol-powered petrol engine (125 ccm capacity).

We keep our fingers crossed for the Schluckspecht team and will report to you on the result.